Sometimes when you're communicating with a lender, you might need to collaborate with your team or leave internal notes. Both are possible inside the RealAtom platform.

Say, for instance, a lender sends you a chat asking about the market and you want to loop in one of your analysts to answer the question.

Steps to loop in team members:

  1. Click on the chat bubble

  2. Navigate to the loan you're working on from the list under "Loans"

  3. Select "Team to lender" or "Team to team." The first option is for you to respond directly to the lender. The second option is where you can tag a team member or message internally and it will not be visible to the lender.

You can loop a team member into the "Team to lender" thread by simply typing in the "@" symbol and selecting their name.

The same concept applies to communicating with a team member privately inside a “Team to Team” thread.

Note: the chat section will turn yellow if you are communicating internally and the messages will not be visible to the lender.

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