When you log into your account, by default you will be in your individual user view. RealAtom has created the option for you to switch to the "Team View," which allows you to see team activity on the platform. This includes your team's full pipeline.

You can switch the Team View in order to find all loans created by a single team member.

To use change your view of the platform:

  1. Select "Personal View" from the top left corner of your dashboard

  2. You can select the Team view from the drop-down list. This is an aggregated view of the platform, where everyone's activity is under one view.

    Note: The "Switch to..." function lets you switch to a specific team member's view of the platform. This can help your team stay in sync if somebody is out of office.

  3. Once you have selected the Team view, navigate to the Pipeline

  4. Click "Filters"

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click “Assigned to”

  6. Select the team member you want to see the loans for

  7. Click “Apply”

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