Communicate with lenders and team members, review and negotiate offers, and share documents all in one place using RealAtom’s Chat tool.  

Accessing chat:

Look for the chat icon in the top right corner of your dashboard

There are 3 types of chat rooms:

  1. Loan-based  - when a lender makes an offer on a loan request, you can negotiate directly via chat. 

  2. Direct  - direct chats you can start with a lender, these are not tied to a loan request. 

  3. Team - these chat rooms are only accessible by your internal team. You can create rooms here by selecting specific team members to chat with. 

Public and Private mode:  

  1. “Team to Lender” - this is a public message thread, where lender will see the conversation here (colored light grey). 

  2. “Team to Team” - this is a private thread, which only YOUR team will see. The lender will NOT see this the content of this thread (colored light yellow).

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