We make negotiating quotes an easy back-and-forth process in RealAtom. Once you send out your loan package, you can expect to start hearing from lenders.

On any offer, navigate to the loan package and go to the Quotes tab. Once you're there, click "Negotiate" under the quote.

You can also click "Compare Selected" and operate out of the Quotes matrix to negotiate on deals.

From the matrix, you can view the loans side-by-side and Accept/Pass/or Negotiate on them. To negotiate, click the little arrows to the right of "Pass."

You will see a pop-up any time you click "Negotiate" on the deal. It will list the lender's offer and then have fields you can fill out to counteroffer. An icon represents the status of the quote.

You can go back and forth with a lender without having to comb through emails in your inbox.

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