RealAtom makes it easy for you to compare quotes to find the best option. Inside of our Quote Matrix, we allow you to view offers side-by-side so that you can make an informed decision.

There are 3 ways to get to the Quotes tab for a specific deal:

  1. The Dashboard

  2. The Pipeline

  3. The sidebar menu

The Dashboard

If you receive a quote, you can click “Go to Quote” on the Dashboard notification. The system will take you right to the Quotes Matrix for the deal. You can Accept/Negotiate/Pass.

The Pipeline

You can also get to the Quotes Matrix by hopping into your Pipeline and clicking on the deal you're interested in. From there, select the Quotes tab, then click "Compare Selected." You will see all the quotes for that loan package in the matrix.

The Sidebar Menu

Another way to compare quotes is by going to the left sidebar menu and click "Quotes." This just aggregates all the different quotes for the deals you have sent out. Think of the left sidebar menu as the collective lists, whereas individual deals have their own specific "Quotes" and "Deal Room" tabs.

You can navigate to the matrix by selecting "View quote."

Inside the Matrix

Once you're in a deal's Quotes tab, click "Compare selected" to view the offers for that deal.

You will have a breakdown of each quote in a side-by-side format. Each quote is marked whether it's new, you've accepted it, or you've passed on it, which would open up a Deal Room for you with the lender.

You can export all the data and also manually add quotes. This comes in handy when you receive a quote via phone or email but the lender didn't do it through the platform.

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