If you ever run into a scenario where you have sent out your loan request but it didn't get the level of attention you wanted, you have the option of sending it out again.

To do this, first:

  1. Navigate to the Lender Management tab

  2. Click "Invite more lenders"

You will find yourself on the send to lenders page. You can go through the same process of selecting from your Relationship lenders who you want to send it to, or by selecting Lender Types from the RealAtom lenders.

If you have gotten responses from certain lenders already and you want to avoid sending the same package, you can enter their company name, email, or URL into the exclude tool.

Sending it is just like the first time around:

  1. Click "Preview Message" at the bottom of the page

  2. Format the email template how you want

  3. Click "Send"

A new invitation will be sent to lenders.

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