The foundation of a great and expedient loan transaction is a clean, up-to-date record of your interactions with lenders. RealAtom makes it easier than ever for you to have insight into who has viewed the package and who has not.

We provide as much transparency as possible through the Lender Management Tool. This powerful tool can show you metrics like email opens, loan package views, quotes, etc. Through this tool, you also can open up the Chat or revoke access for a lender.

To use the Lender Management Tool:

  • Navigate to a loan request

  • Click the “Lender Management” tab

You will see a page similar to this:

For those of you more visually oriented, the top half shows graphs for the data in the table in the bottom segment. These are the column headers:

  • NAME


  • VIEWS - number of times a lender viewed this loan

  • QUOTES - number of quotes submitted by a lender

  • TERM SHEETS - number of term sheets submitted

  • DOC VIEWS - number of times a lender has viewed a document

  • DOC REQUESTS - number of documents requested by a lender


Each serves to give you valuable insight into lender engagement on the loan package. You can click the arrows next to the headers to sort the information in each column. Here is a further breakdown of what the STATUS column means:

  1. Active - invitation accepted

  2. Pending - invitation has not been accepted

  3. CA signed - lender signed a confidentiality agreement, regarding Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) documents

The ACTIONS column doesn't show any data, but it allows you to:

  1. Resend invite - invites an individual lender to the loan again

  2. Chat - starts a chat (lender will receive an email notification)

  3. Revoke Access - removes lender's ability to view the loan package

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