Lenders may request additional documents if they need more information in order to make their decisions. RealAtom consolidates lender document requests so that you are not overwhelmed by the same requests. 

Document requests are delivered to you via email, in your dashboard notifications, and in the loan request. 

Add documents via the dashboard notification

  1. In “Recent Activities,” navigate to the “New Document Request,” notification

  2. Click "Add to Loan Request" to respond to the document request

  3. Choose the file from your local directory

  4. Click the lock icon to require lenders to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to view the document.

  5. You can also choose to share it privately instead of just posting it to your full loan request

Add documents via the loan request

You can also click directly into your loan request via the Pipeline. The New Documents Request will show up at the top of your pipeline.

Follow these steps to add the documents:

  1. Click "Upload Document" to add a new document

  2. Select the file from your local drive

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