A pipeline encompasses every stage of your loan request process. A loan request moves from stage to stage of your pipeline based on concrete actions, which are represented visually in your dashboard.

You can view these as a table or as a kanban board style, as pictured below:

The pipeline allows producers and managers to forecast revenue by looking at the stages the loans are in and predicting how many will close during a given timeframe.

Review the typical process your loans go through:

  • Draft: You have put a loan package together and are collecting documents.

  • Active: You have created your loan package and sent it to lenders. You are now receiving lender document requests and quotes. 

  • Underwriting: Your loan package has a term sheet that has been accepted and a lender has opened a deal room with you. 

  • Closed: Your loan is closed because it has been funded or because the deal was lost. 

The Pipeline is exportable and you can also filter it based on what you're looking for.

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