Once you have reached a point where you're ready to send out your loan package, you can click the orange "Send to lenders" button on the loan request page.  

On the Send to Lenders page, RealAtom's algorithm will match your Relationship Lenders with the loan package automatically. You can override the selections by checking or unchecking the lender's tiles.

You can also choose to sort by name or company name. Or you can utilize the filter to narrow down the list based on the Lender's criteria, including lender type, loan type, loan amount, and much more.

In addition, there is a link to add new lenders right from the Send to Lenders page, instead of having to go back to your Capital Sources tab.

You can select all or none of the Relationships Lenders to help if you want to pick the lenders to send to.

Note: The selected lenders will receive the loan package via email, SMS, and/or browser notification according to their contact preferences. 

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