In most cases, to fast forward sizing the loan, we recommend that you provide as much documentation as possible. 

When you have an especially sensitive case, you might choose to initially submit sufficient info to trigger lender interest. Interested lenders have a tool to request more documents through the platform.

Images of the asset increase lender views on average by 30%. We strongly recommend you add a few pictures to showcase your project. 

To create custom folders and give them any name you wish scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Custom Folders” section and click “Add new folder”.

Give your new folder a name type folder name in the field where it says “Write a folder’s name” and click “Save”.

Next, add files into your folder. It's that simple! 

And if you need to edit the folder name, or delete it altogether, click “...” and choose from the options “Edit” or “Remove” .

If you require lenders to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, you will need to protect sensitive documents.  You can protect both the entire folder and/or  individual documents.  Upon protection, lenders who try to review the document will be asked to accept a confidentiality agreement.  If they decline to accept the agreement they will not be granted access to documents. 

Steps to protect a folder: 

  1. Next to the folder name click on the grey lock icon

  2. The grey lock icon will turn blue - this means the folder is protected

Steps to protect individual files: 

  1. Next to the file name  click on the grey lock icon

  2. The grey lock icon will turn blue - this means the file is protected 

Note on Document Security: 

We partner with and AWS to securely store all documents related to the entire loan request transaction. Any file uploaded or downloaded to or from RealAtom is therefore encrypted utilizing TLS and AES, and Box is known for having the strongest encryption cipher suite available. Box is fully compliant with FINRA. Box is one of the few cloud-based application providers that can do this. Because security and compliance with FINRA regulations are so important to RealAtom, we sought out the best service available to protect sensitive and confidential financial information, while making it easy for our clients to transmit documents for review. Please note that this is NOT Dropbox. Dropbox is a completely different application that is not secure and not compliant with FINRA. It keeps metadata and does not use audit controls, which renders it insecure. Dropbox is never utilized by RealAtom.

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