All the information in this section is required and will be used to match you with appropriate lenders. 

Clicking the blue information icon next to a loan request field will help you fill in the blanks correctly. 

Note about address entry:  Platform uses geo-locational recommendations from Google Maps API service.  But sometimes the asset address has not yet been established, hence recommendations may not work.  To remedy the situation, you can manually enter the address.  To do that when you have incorrectly added an address which did not validate, click “Direct address input link”  next to the error message that says “Not valid address”.

At prompt enter , street, city, select a state and zip code. 

And if you have to go back to the recommended address, just click on “Geo suggestion input link”, and you will be taken back to the address entry with recommendations. 

When you have satisfied requirements within a particular section its marked with a green check mark and if a section is missing information its marked with an orange exclamation point

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