The activity feed displays a visual timeline of your lender’s engagement.

What does this include?

It will have any loan views, reasons for passing on a loan, quotes, and document requests from your lenders.

The system automatically sorts these activities in sequential order.

To view lender activity feed:

  1. Open a Lender Profile by clicking anywhere in the row lender info is displayed on

  2. Click on the “Activity Feed” in the lender profile 

  3. Review chronological activity by scrolling down

  4. Click the “All” drop-down menu to view specific information, such as: 

    1. Loan - this is the activity per loan, including loan views, questions, offers, and passes (with reasons why they passed)

    2. Quotes - if the lender submits a quote

    3. Document Request  - if the lender requests documents

    4. Term Sheet - if the lender uploads a term sheet

    5. Deal Room - any deal room activity gets logged

    6. Question - questions they might ask about the loan request

    7. Capital Sources - the date the lender was added to the directory and by whom

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