Once you upload your lender directory through the Capital Sources tab, the lenders you added will not receive an invitation until you send them a loan package.

That way, when they register and log in for the first time, they have something to view. The email sent from the system will look like this:

It sometimes helps to let your lenders know you are starting with RealAtom, and that you want them to be on the same platform. If you're worried about their response to the platform—don't be! We get overly positive feedback from lenders who use the platform.

We also have a dedicated Lender Relationship Management team. They help with:

  • Quarterly audits of lenders on the platform

  • Keeping lenders accountable with updating their criteria

  • Remarketing loans to lenders (you basically get another analyst with us)

  • Training lenders to use the platform (you can request this, or they can)

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