When you want to single out lenders that have specific characteristics, use the Filter function. Filters allow you to identify lenders that meet the specific criteria you need.

You can filter by the following criteria:

  • Joined RealAtom

  • Capital source type

  • Lender types

  • Property type

  • Loan type

  • Loan purpose

  • Loan amount

  • Location by state

  • Custom tags

  • Lender portfolio size

  • Ownership Structure

  • Strategy

  • Investor Type

  • LTV/LTC range

  • DCSR

  • Check size, $

  • Hold period

  • Loan Term

  • What kind of recourse?

  • Only lends to owner-occupied assets

To filter a list of lenders: 

  1. Click on the “Filter” button

  2. Select the “Debt” option in “Capital source types”

  3. Select any other desired filters

  4. Click “Apply”

You can apply an unlimited amount of filters and it operates off an "AND" logic function.

This means if you select options for both Property and Loan types (for example) that you want the search filtered by, then it would operate off lenders who match both criteria you set.

*Note: your list will not remain filtered after you navigate away from the page, this way it will reset itself.

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