Notes help you remember what is most important about your lender relationship.

Imagine you are on the phone and have just learned something new about the lender. Jot down a note in RealAtom for that lender and you can reference it later.

Besides your own notes, you can also review notes your team members have made about a particular lender.

Notes are displayed in chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest. Hovering on the age of the note will display the exact timestamp for a particular note.

To create a new note: 

  1. Open the Lender Profile by clicking anywhere on the row the lender info is displayed on

  2. Click on the Notes section to expand it

  3. Type in your note and click the “Create note” button

To review notes:

  1. Click on the Lender name for a drop-down menu to appear on the right

  2. Click on the Notes section to expand it

  3. Notes are displayed below the new note window. 

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