You’ve worked hard to develop strong relationships with your lenders and equity investors, and now you can manage them efficiently in RealAtom’s collaboration hub.

Once you invite your lenders, you can begin sharing your loan requests with them and keep track of the lender’s activities in real-time. You can see who viewed which loan, the number of views, their lending criteria updates, and more.  

How to set up your directory of lenders:

1. Click on “Capital Sources” on your dashboard

2. Once on the “Capital Sources” page, click the blue “Add” button 

3. Add lenders:

  • To enter individual lenders, you will need a person's name, company name, and email address. You can also include their work and mobile phone numbers.

  • To add a list, upload an Excel file with those headers (first name, last name, email, company, and phone number), and our system will process it within 24 hours. 

 4. The system will send your invite to lenders once you send them a loan package. That way, they have something to look at once they log onto the platform.

Once your lenders accept your invite, they will provide you with their current lending criteria.

Note: Lenders are invited to the platform via emails. RealAtom lender relations team is here for you to help onboard your lenders. Once registered, lenders will work on your transactions through the platform.

For each lender, you will need: 

  1. Lender’s first name

  2. Lender’s last name

  3. Lender’s email

  4. Lender’s company name

  5. Mobile phone (recommended)

  6. Work phone (recommended) 

Click the blue “Add to Lender Directory” button at the bottom to finish creating your lender directory. Remember, you can always go back and add more lenders by following the steps above. 

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